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Verdicts & Settlements

We are proud of the following verdicts and settlements achieved on behalf of our many happy clients. We respect our clients' privacy and as such, we have omitted their names from the list.

As you can tell from the following list, the attorneys at High Stack Gordon are well versed in going up against the best defense attorneys that the insurance industry can hire. Of course, this is just a representative sample and there are thousands of other cases in lesser amounts and/or similar results. To High Stack Gordon, each case is equally important and each client deserves the best.

    • Personal Injury $9,000,000.00

      Client vs. Harbor Lounge - Double amputation of 36 year old man's legs.

    • Medical Malpractice $4,500,000.00

      Client vs. Hospital - A young girl underwent surgery to straighten her spine from scoliosis and was rendered partially paralyzed as a result of the doctor and hospital failing to properly monitor and act on the decrease in her sensory evoked potential (electrical impulse).

    • Car Accident $3,500,000.00

      Client vs. Tree Trimming Company - Head on collision automobile case on I-95 in Brevard County, Florida.

    • Personal Injury $3,000,000.00

      Client vs. J.I. Case Company - Leg amputation of a 20 year old laborer.

    • Wrongful Death $2,600,000.00

      Client vs. Rex Utilities Company - Wrongful death of a fifteen year old minor

    • Medical Malpractice $1,750,000.00

      Client vs. Doctor and Surgical Facility - Errors during surgical procedure by nurses and doctor left client legally blind.

    • Personal Injury $1,335,000.00

      Client vs. Hoist Corporation - Severing of the arm as well as numerous fractures when a construction material joist fell to the ground as a result of inclusions in the metal of the main gear and a failure of the emergency braking system.

    • Pedestrian Accident $1,250,000.00

      Pedestrian struck by car

    • Car Accident $1,137,000.00

      Client and family injured in off road accident

    • Pedestrian Accident $1,000,000.00

      Pedestrian vs. driver - While crossing the street a woman was struck by a vehicle going southbound on Highway A1A and was paralyzed from the impact.

    • Pedestrian Accident $1,000,000.00

      Car struck client who was riding bicycle

    • Boating Accident $800,000.00

      Client vs. Boat Owner - Young woman injured in boating accident.

    • Medical Malpractice $750,000.00

      Client vs. Radiology Group - As a result of a misread of a mammogram film, a middle aged woman's cancer was able to worsen from Stage I to Stage III-IV.

    • Premises Liability $750,000.00

      Client vs. Business Owner - A young man was robbed for his Rolex watch and died of a gunshot wound. The premises owner was held responsible for his lack of security of the premises.

    • Car Accident $650,000.00

      Client injured when the car she was driving crashed into pump left in the middle of I-95 by Construction Company

    • Defective Product $650,000.00

      Tire exploded injuring client

    • Defective Product $550,000.00

      Client vs. Paving Company & Tire Company - Tire exploded during inflation as a result of a defective air chuck resulting in death of client.

    • Premises Liability $500,000.00

      Client vs. Apartment Complex - Young woman was the victim of an attempted rape on the premises of the apartment complex as a result of inadequate security and maintenance. The apartment complex offered no security despite the fact it was aware of numerous crimes occurring on the property and a light was out in the common area.

    • Premises Liability $400,000.00

      Client vs. Retail Store - Client slipped and fell in water on floor in Retail Store. As a result, he required multiple knee surgeries, including a knee replacement.

    • Truck Accidents $388,822.00

      Client's vehicle hit by dump truck

    • Police Brutality $350,000.00

      First grader tasered by Miami PD

    • Defective Product $350,000.00

      Client injured in accident caused by a tire blow out on a scooter he rented while on vacation in Key West, FL

    • Boating Accident $310,000.00

      Client injured in an air boat collision

    • Wrongful Death $300,000.00

      Cave diving accident - Individual was cave diving and drown in an underground cavern.

    • Car Accident $250,000.00

      Car Accident - Client was T-boned in an accident.

    • Defective Product $235,000.00

      Blown tire caused rollover accident resulting injury to client

    • Medical Malpractice $195,000.00

      Medical Malpractice - negligently conducted eye surgery

    • Car Accident $175,000.00

      Husband and wife injured in a minor rear end auto accident

    • Car Accident $175,000.00

      Client riding as passenger in middle car in a three car rear end collision suffered injury

    • Personal Injury $175,000.00

      Client fell in nightclub injuring back and hand

    • Premises Liability $152,500.00

      Negligent construction caused client to crash his bike suffering injury

    • Boating Accident $150,000.00

      Client partially lost his finger as he was climbing onto a boat ladder

    • Motorcycle Accident $120,000.00

      Client riding motorcycle was struck from behind

    • Premises Liability $115,000.00

      Client tripped over protruding base of shelving unit inside Big Lots Store

    • Defective Products $112,500.00

      Lawnmower shot out piece of wood, striking client

    • Car Accident $100,000.00

      Car Accident - Client suffered a low-impact accident in a parking lot.

    • Motorcycle Accidents $100,000.00

      Client struck by car while riding motorcycle

    • Pedestrian Accident $100,000.00

      Hit and run auto accident in which client was injured

    • Motorcycle Accident $100,000.00

      Client riding his motorcycle crashed into rear of vehicle that stopped suddenly

    • Motorcycle Accident $100,000.00

      Client forced to lay motorcycle down when car pulled in front of him