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Verdicts & Settlements

We are proud of the following verdicts and settlements achieved on behalf of our many happy clients. We respect our clients’ privacy, and as such, we have omitted their names from the list.

As you can tell from the following list, the attorneys at High Stack Gordon are well-versed in going up against the best defense attorneys that the insurance industry can hire. Of course, this is just a representative sample, and there are thousands of other cases in lesser amounts and/or similar results. To High Stack Gordon, each case is equally important, and each client deserves our best fight.


Attaining The Highest Results For Our Clients

Some of our verdicts & settlements are listed below.


Client vs. Harbor Lounge – Double amputation of 36-year-old man’s legs.


Client vs. Tree Trimming Company – Head on collision automobile case on I-95 in Brevard County, Florida.


Client vs. General Motors and Stonewell Insurance company – Auto product liability case involving paraplegia.


Client vs. J.I. Case Company – Leg amputation of a twenty-year-old laborer.


Client vs. Apartment Complex – A young woman was the victim of an attempted rape on the premises of the apartment complex as a result of inadequate security and maintenance. The apartment complex offered no security despite the fact it was aware of numerous crimes occurring on the property, and a light was out in the common area.


Client vs. Hospital – A young girl underwent surgery to straighten her spine from scoliosis and was rendered partially paralyzed as a result of the doctor and hospital failing to properly monitor and act on the decrease in her sensory evoked potential (electrical impulse).

$1,450,000 (judgment)

Client vs. Negligent Driver – Defendant negligently made a left turn in front of the client and caused a crash resulting in a mild closed head injury and spinal fracture to the client.


Client vs. State Farm Insurance Company – client sustained several herniations in the thoracic spine as a result of a T-bone automobile collision at an intersection. State Farm offered $15,000 prior to the trial.


Client vs. Boat Owner – Young woman injured in boating accident.


Client vs. Rex Utilities company – Wrongful death of a fifteen-year-old minor.


Client vs. doctor and Surgical Facility – Errors during a surgical procedure by nurses and doctor left the client legally blind.


Client vs. Radiology Group – As a result of a misreading of a mammogram film, a middle-aged woman’s cancer was able to worsen from Stage I to Stage III – IV.


Client vs. State Farm Insurance Company – A bad faith claim for failure of the insurance company to fairly settle when it should have.


Client vs. Retail Store – The client slipped and fell in water on the floor in Retail Store. As a result, he required multiple knee surgeries, including a knee replacement.


Client vs. Hoist Corporation – Severing of the arm as well as numerous fractures when a construction material joist fell to the ground as a result of inclusions in the metal of the main gear and a failure of the emergency braking system.


Client vs. Moving Truck Company – The client was riding his bike on the shoulder of the highway in Georgia when he was struck by a moving truck resulting in his death.


Client vs. Paving Company & Tire Company – Tire exploded during inflation as a result of a defective air chuck resulting in the death of the client.


Client vs. Tractor Trailer Company – Automobile and 18-wheel tractor-trailer collision.